Sunday, March 1, 2009

Original Regen Circuit

My Gizmo came with a regen system in place. Various methods had been tried on this Gizmo including a pressure transducer on the brake line. What the end result was, was a single setting for regen which was activated by the brake light circuit. There is a toggle switch on the dash which was used to enable or disable regen. The difficulty in using this regen mode is anticipating when to lightly put the brake on so as not to stop too soon or too late. Right now I am in the process of installing a replacement "Norm circuit" on my Gizmo. This circuit read the hall effect sensor in the throttle handle and would change the state of the FS1 line (pin 4 on controller connector B) based on the state of the trigger. FS1 would be shorted to ground (FS1 closed) when the throttle trigger was pulled and then FS1 would be opened when the throttle was released. For regen to work FS1 has to be in an open state. When my original circuit became intermittent I decided to find a replacement. Ron Anderson of Black Sheep Technology was commissioned to build a replacement circuit. The new circuit will include variable regen, amoung other things. The purpose of this post is to document the original regen circuit. I will post about the new circuit when I get it installed and operational. Right now I'm rewiring. In a week or two I'll be testing out the programming of the new circuit.

Note that pin 11 on Controller Connector B is an analogue input used for regen with a voltage range of 3.5-0V. I don't understand why this input is from 3.5-0V when pin 10 (torque/speed command pin) has a range of 0-5V but that is what the controller manual says. Oh, the controller I'm talking about is a Sevcon SepEx PP745. Below is the circuit diagram for the original regen setup.