Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gizmo 48V Battery Meter values

While I don't use one any more a friend of mine is restoring a couple of Gizmos and I thought it might be nice to know what voltage the different marks are on the Gizmo 48V Battery Meter. Assuming each 48V meter is the same you probably can use these values. According to the Gizmo User Manual early Gizmos had a 12V meter hooked to the first battery so these values might not match. In the picture the tip of the V is where the value is to be read. The voltage where the needle first starts to move is at about 27V and where it hits the upper end of the range is about 66V. When I had lead acid batteries in my Gizmo I knew when the resting voltage was near or at the bottom of the green it was definitely time to charge! I usually charged at every opportunity I had which meant every time I got home.

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