Friday, April 24, 2009

Splash Guards in place

I finally have the splash guards in place. Below is the right side. I split it into two pieces since this side has the new Gizmo Interface and I still need to get to it easily for programming as testing continues. It is a little difficult to get the splash guard out from around the front shock. The material is pushed up under the lip of the tub so no water will be able to get on the wiring from above. I'm hoping not too much enters from the front.
Here is the rear splash guard. The original one was not much wider than the fender. Carl Watkins of NEVCO said that when they had Gizmos come in for service they would widen this splash guard to protect the motor more. This one is bolted to the lip of the tub and zip-tied at the bottom. I also pushed the material up as high as I could since the hinge holes are exposed and water just runs down the back of the Gizmo and through these points.
Here is a close-up of the right hinge hole. You can see the plastic through the chip in the fiberglass.
The right side splash guard is one piece. I don't think I'll have to get access to this wiring as often as the other side. It wraps around the back corner a little ways. I'm trying to keep spray from getting on the terminal block mounted on the gold colored aluminum mount just visible through the plastic.In addition to this I bought some silicon spray from the Napa store and sprayed the controller and wiring. The spray insulates and helps keep water from sitting on things. I hope the controller will stay cleaner than when I had battery terminal spray on it. That stuff was a dirt magnet and the controller looked terrible. I feel much better about driving in the rain now.

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